World War Z 2 Update Offers Hope That It’ll Still Happen Someday

Even though things don’t look great right now, World War Z 2 may not be dead just yet. Last year, we heard that the project was completely dead in the water at Paramount after several months of promising developments. Brad Pitt was set to reprise his role in the zombie flick, with his frequent collaborator David Fincher (Fight Club, Seven) on board to direct. Then, unceremoniously, the studio shut it down. Now, producer Jeremy Kleiner says they’re still hoping to make the movie someday.

Jeremy Kleiner runs the Plan B production company, which was co-founded by Brad Pitt, alongside Dede Gardner. During a recent interview, the producing duo was asked about the possibility of World War Z 2. While Kleiner couldn’t provide any concrete details, he did offer an encouraging response, signaling that they haven’t given up on it yet. Here’s what he had to say.

“Someday. We love Max Brooks’ book. We love the universe of it. It doesn’t feel like the World War Z is done and over with.”

Max Brooks wrote World War Z, which was originally published in 2006. The book takes a unique approach to the zombie genre, providing an oral history of the catastrophic events that befell the world. The movie, released in 2013, took a slightly more traditional approach, becoming a massive spectacle, directed by Marc Forster and starring Brad Pitt.

The production was famously troubled, with quite a few rewrites and reshoots needed. However, instead of becoming a disaster, the extra work paid off and the movie was received quite well, ultimately grossing $540 million at the box office. Yet, a sequel never materialized. Things got serious once David Fincher agreed to take over the director’s chair, but last February, Paramount pulled the plug. Speaking further about the broader challenges of producing, Jeremy Kleiner had this to say.

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“The pace of change is so quick that dogmas about what works and what the market is and all the bedrocks of certainty are hard to come by. You’re relying on resourcefulness, on instinct, on relationships, on being nimble, being flexible, not being dogmatic. And that can be challenging. But in that is a lot of opportunity.”

Last year, I had the chance to speak with writer Mathew Michael Carnahan, who was one of the main writers who worked on the movie, and he revealed his plans for a three-movie arc that never materialized. Carnahan would have built to a third movie that looked more like Max Brooks’ book, with a man interviewing people ten years after the war began. It’s unclear if Brad Pitt and Plan B could take the sequel to another studio at this point, or if they would have to convince Paramount to become interested again. Whatever the case, this one may still be in the cards at some point or another. This news comes to us via The Hollywood Reporter.

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